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diolaze XL Laser Hair Removal

Compared to other laser hair removal solutions, Diolaze XL provides faster treatment in fewer sessions. Older laser therapy methods are not safe for people with type IV skin, but Diolaze XL is safe for all skin types. Electrolysis is another hair removal option, but it requires numerous sessions that can be long and painful.

Number of Laser Hair Treatments Required

Depending on area best results can be expected within 6 to 12 visits.

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Laser Hair Reduction – Smooth Skin

Laser hair reduction is the only way to permanently remove unwanted hair. With each treatment, significantly less hair grows back, resulting in permanent hair reduction. Once a follicle has been treated, the hair will never grow back from that follicle again. You never have to shave, pluck or tweeze that particular hair again. However, maintenance treatments may be needed when inactive follicles become active.

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What to expect

After an initial assessment of our Medical Director, our licensed laser technician will review your complete medical history and be sure you are a good candidate for laser hair reduction treatments.


We will determine your skin type based on the Fitzpatrick scale to determine accurate laser settings.


While lying on one of Simplicity extra-wide, heated reclining treatment beds your technician will clean the area to be treated.


Your Technician will then apply a gel (similar in feel to ultrasound gel) to the area to be treated.


The tip of the laser will be placed on the surface of your skin. A cooling tip at the end of the laser cools the epidermis (outer layer of the skin). The laser light energy penetrates through the surface of the skin and is absorbed in the base of the hair follicle. As the laser fires, you will feel a sensation similar to a tingling electrical sensation on the skin.


Once the area has been treated, your laser technician will clean off the remaining gel and apply topical calming cream to your skin. Sunscreen will also be applied before you leave the spa.


Most clients note a minor redness and swelling at the treated site. This can last a few hours to a couple of days. Cool compresses can soothe any discomfort.

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Pricing varies by small, medium or large service areas. As well as skin type, hair growth and patterns,

Example Areas:

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Picolo laser treatments

Technically advanced and genuine picosecond pulsed Nd:YAG laser with dual wavelengths at 1064nm & 532nm, designed to efficaciously treat multiple indications including tattoo removals, scar corrections, and promoting skin rejuvenation.

The PicoLO impresses users with its sleek and compact design and patients by minimizing discomfort, pain, side effects, and downtime. The large spot size options allow more customized and efficient treatments equally benefitting both end-users.

 Please Note: 
If you are a new client for Laser or Resurfacing Treatments at Simplicity Med Spa. Due to the individualized nature of these treatments we require a new client consultation prior to scheduling your first full service treatment.

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