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Emface Exion

The EXION Face Applicator is the first non-invasive device to use radiofrequency energy and targeted ultrasound to boost Hyaluronic Acid and improve skin laxity. The innovative applicator stimulates fibroblasts in the dermis without needles, which also helps improve skin health, boost hydration, and increase plumpness.


What is the difference between Emface and Exion?

Debra, who recommends a series of two treatments if you have mild wrinkles, and four if you have deeper lines and more laxity. "While Emface helps to lift and tone the face, Exion can be used all over the face, on the neck and jowls, and even around the eyes. A combo of these two treatments is a home run," she says.

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How does it Work

EXION procedure uses a revolutionary combination of two modalities, radiofrequency and targeted ultrasound. Thanks to that it is the first patented technology which not only promotes collagen and elastin synthesis, but also stimulates the natural production of hyaluronic acid. 

Benefits to treatment are: Boosts and enhances collagen production by 47%, boosts elastin fiber production by 37% thereby improving skin laxity by 85% and improves hyaluronic acid production by 224%! This procedure requires no downtime, feels like a hot stone massage and can be done in a quick twenty minute visit. Virtually everyone can benefit from this simple procedure!

Popular areas to treat are the face, eyes, neck, lips and decollotate. These treatments are usually a series of four. They are done once a week. 


How long do exion results last?

While results can certainly vary from person to person, you can expect to see initial results within 4 weeks, with full results lasting up to a year. Of course, you can also receive additional treatments to maintain your results over time.

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