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Why Choose Simplicity Medspa?

Updated: Jan 18


ExperienceOur team has decades of combined experience providing superior aesthetic care, and employing the latest treatment technologies.

Credentials. All our providers are trained medical professionals with the medical and health credentials needed to ensure safe, effective treatment.

Advanced Aesthetic Science. We employ the latest advances in aesthetic science, and offer cutting-edge therapies, to provide better results with fewer side-effects and downtime.

Comprehensive Treatment Options. With a full line of treatment options all available as in-office services, you’ll be able to find the right one to achieve your desired results.

Professional, Compassionate Care. We make sure that your experience is relaxing, caring, and exceeds your expectations.

Questions You Should Ask Before You Choose A Medical Spa

·         Who owns and operates the medical spa? Is it owned by a doctor? Is he actually on the premises supervising operations and doing treatments? Regulations vary from state to state. A medical doctor generally has to oversee the procedures performed in a medical spa, but this does not mean he is always (or ever!) on the premises. Sometimes doctors lend their names to medical spas but have relatively little involvement.

·         Who will be performing the procedure? What is the licensing and training of the people who are actually doing the services? How long have they been doing the procedure? This is especially important with laser hair removal. Many states don't require any license whatsoever, and you can be badly burned -- literally -- if someone doesn't know what they're doing. Ask for before and after photos of their work.

·         What kind of equipment do they use? When did they buy it? Prices for medical spa treatments like laser and skin tightening (or skin rejuvenation) are high because the equipment itself is expensive. Research the type of equipment they use for the treatment you're interested in, because it's a complex field and the technology is always changing. You really want the most up-to-date, least painful technologies for procedures like skin tightening.

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