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Want to Increase Hyaluronic Acid Naturally? Here's how!

Introducing the newest technology and treatment here at Simplicity MedSpa! Emface Exion. No injectables, no needles, no invasive procedures. Relax and naturally increase your hyaluronic acid by 224%! It is also proven to improve skin elasticity, collagen, fine lines and wrinkles, and target and shrink fat cells with flexible settings.

The BTL Exion is a combination of radio frequency and targeted ultrasound technologies. During a treatment session, the device delivers controlled energy to the treatment area, heating the underlying tissue. This process encourages collagen production, increases blood circulation, and breaks down fat cells if targeted with specific settings.

You are able to do this procedure on almost every single area of the face and also the body. It can be used on 23 different areas; head to toe. Each different treatment area calls for a different and specialized protocol to work with the specific area. With the 224% increase in HA, it can dramatically plump and give fullness to the lips; no filler necessary.

Exion is an exceptional standalone procedure but can also be paired perfectly with Emface. Our original Emface lifts and tones the muscle underneath the service of the skin; all while improving skin tone, texture, fine lines and wrinkles. No downtime with each procedure; these can both be done back to back for even improved results. Adding the Exion onto your Emface routine will only further and yield better results.

Give us a call or email to schedule your consult and appointment for Emface Exion!

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